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Joe Baker, MA

Joe earned his masters degree in Audiology from the University of Cincinnati in 1999 and has been in the hearing healthcare industry as both an audiologist and hearing aid specialist for over 15 years. He got his start in the U.S. Army as an audiology technician and, ultimately, an audiologist in the Army Reserves.

When Joe isn’t in either the Brooklyn or Strongsville offices seeing patients, you’ll find him doing DIY home projects, at the gym (lifting weights and yoga are his favorites), or walking his rescue dog, Kaya. Someday he expects to live up to his surname and bake a decent loaf of bread!

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Jerry Eisen BS, Hearing Instrument Specialist at Hearing Plus

Jerry Eisen, BS

Jerry Eisen has worked in hearing care for 30 years and feels fortunate to have chosen such a rewarding profession. Early in his career he worked in Cleveland for a large optical and hearing company, where he became a licensed optician and hearing aid professional. He still maintains his optical license by completing annual continuing education.

In 1992, Jerry purchased a small hearing practice in Cincinnati, and built the practice into 13 locations. He worked with a local optical practice, ENT physicians, a children’s hospital, and the audiology departments of Miami University and University of Cincinnati. Jerry attributes his company’s success to the philosophy of ‘Always do the right thing for each person in front of you‘. “Our patients knew they would come and get the help they needed by the best-trained staff in the city” he says.

Jerry and his family moved back to Northeast Ohio in 2011. “Being closer to our parents and cousins has been great for my family. I am glad to be back and able to make a positive difference in people’s lives in Cleveland.”

In his spare time Jerry and his family like to do yard work, visit museums, canoe on Father’s Day, and take occasional trips to the beach. He has 2 sons and his wife is also a licensed optician.

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Donna Rings, Hearing Aid Specialist at Hearing Plus

Donna Rings, HIS

Donna Rings has worked in hearing healthcare for over seven years. She started in an administrative role and chose to enhance her skills, becoming a licensed hearing instrument specialist.

Donna, a native of Northeast Ohio, recently moved back from her long-time home in Southeast Ohio.

In her spare time, Donna is a Zumba instructor and loves to spoil her miniature pinscher.

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