Hearing Plus Reviews & Testimonials

Our patients review Hearing Plus and share their ratings, testimonials, and experiences. All Hearing Plus reviews on this page were authorized and expressed by our patients in their own words.

Mary Lou Maudsley

Parma, OH

I love the fact that they’re rechargeable! You can’t see them, and I have short hair. And they’re very comfortable. We went to [a restaurant] the other night and the noise was horrible. It (the hearing aid) took out a lot of the background noise. I could actually hear the people at the table I was talking to.

It took out a lot of the background noise. I could actually hear the people I was talking to!"

Carol C.

Cleveland, OH

They were comfortable right from day one. I like the rechargeable and you just put them in (the charger), and you wake up in the morning and put them back in your ears.

They were comfortable right from day one"

Steve and Joe Charnigo

Middleburg Hts, OH

The big thing for me is putting them in the charger and no batteries.  They’re always ready for you and they’re fabulous to wear.  The audiologist – her qualifications and class was very nice.
You know that you not only have a great product, but you’ve got great people behind what you’re selling.

When you get the feeling that the people care that are helping you.  That means a lot.

It’s more for the people that you’re around that appreciate it than yourself. You don’t realize how much you bother other people by saying “What?” all the time.  Life is much easier wearing them.


Life is much easier wearing them."

Don Westfall

Cleveland, OH

I had a pair of hearing aids that I paid $7,000 for. They were pretty good. BUT, these are BETTER! They are clearer; easier to hear with. I haven’t really used the remote because I don’t have to.

A good thing for me is listening to music again! There is a button on the remote for music and that’s pretty nice. I haven’t listened to music probably in 7 years. I haven’t even turned on the car radio. I don’t listen to music because I can’t really make out the tones. If someone is singing, I can’t make out what they are saying, but now I can!

Now I can hear what my girlfriend is saying, which most of the time is pretty good. These are the best I have ever had!

These are the best I have ever had!"

Walter Kerr

Beachwood, OH

I did have other hearing aids before these, but I like these so much better. These get a better sound and I don’t have to buy batteries because they are rechargeable.

These get a better sound"

Wally P

Brooklyn, OH

Great product and staff – very professional, courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions, even the dumb ones. Tested my hearing and explained why I was having trouble in certain situations. Programmed & fitted me with hearing aids on the spot. That was almost 2 months ago and I have had no problems or regrets. Love the rechargeable battery feature (never worry about it going dead at the wrong time). Would highly recommend.

Would highly recommend"

Elizabeth Resnick

Beachwood, OH

I was able to tune my violin and I would have never been able to hear that it was off if it wasn’t for these hearing aids. I love my hearing aids!

Chuck Melzer

Parma, OH

With my old hearing aids, I could not hear my grandson when he was standing behind me. He would pull on my pants and shout at the top of his lungs that he wanted to talk to me. Now with my new hearing aids, he can’t sneak up on me.

Valerie Cooper

Cleveland, OH

The best experience I have had has been in the classroom where I teach. I am in an Algebra classroom. It is important to hear students’ questions, even from the most shy and soft spoken students, and to be able to answer their questions. So it really helps me as a teacher.

I like the price. I feel that as one of the many hearing aid wearers in my family, I can understand the value that I have gotten here. I have a lot of features: like the rechargeable batteries, like the remote control and a lot of check-up support to make sure my hearing aids are suitable for my needs. I think I got that all at a really good price.

I like the price."

Brenda Gay

Cleveland, OH

I have had some experiences with other hearing aids. I enjoy my experience here with these hearing aids. There is a BIG difference to me in that I am able to adjust and modify them in situations where I really specifically need to hear someone as opposed to just working in my office in a more quiet setting. I enjoy that very much. Entertainment wise, I can adjust them so they accommodate my environment. Over all, I am very happy with my choice with this hearing aid.

Over all, I am very happy with my choice with this hearing aid."

Kay Szuch

Cleveland, OH

Out gardening, I can finally hear the birds and really define which bird is singing to me. It is really wonderful now.


Parma, OH

I like the performance of the hearing aids. The quality is excellent. It far exceeds my old hearing aids. They look good, they feel good and they perform good.

The quality is excellent. It far exceeds my old hearing aids. "

William Herschbach

North Royalton, OH

I had an excellent experience in getting my hearing aids. The office staff was helpful and friendly and the whole process, didn’t take long.