Zounds Hearing Celebrates One-Year of Lower Prices for Cleveland

This week, Zounds Hearing of Greater Cleveland celebrates its one year anniversary of launching its first store in Cleveland.

Zounds Hearing opened one year ago at 4760 Ridge Road at Ridge Park Square shopping plaza in Brooklyn.

Glenn Harbold, Managing Partner for Zounds Hearing of Greater Cleveland, calculates that in the first year alone, Cleveland-area residents have been able to save over $300,000 in high-performance hearing aids by buying from Zounds.

“We survey our competitors to compare pricing of our products to other top-of-the-line hearing aids and it is surprising how expensive hearing aids can be from retailers, audiologists and from Ear Nose and Throat doctors affiliated with the large hospitals. It’s common for us to find a pair of hearing aids being quoted at $7,000 or more,” Harbold said. “The hearing aid industry has struggled for too long to offer affordable hearing assistive devices to the public, which is frustrating because over 30 million Americans who could really benefit from them go without hearing aids.

He added, “There are six, very large multi-national companies (that) have historically dominated the hearing aid industry, and they also own or control most of the distribution and retail locations for hearing aids. All but one of these ‘big six’ are headquartered in Europe.”

Harbold said the hearing industry has failed to innovate and bring down costs, but is starting to change now that companies like Zounds can manufacture and sell their own proprietary products at prices that are thousands of dollars less than the big six manufacturers.

“This opens up the world of better hearing to a much larger group of people,” he said.

Harbold launched a second Zounds store at 1396 SOM Center Road, Mayfield Heights, in April 2014 and is planning to expand by opening at least four additional locations over the next two years.

Zounds designs, manufactures and retails high-performance hearing aids for use with mild, moderate, severe and profound hearing impairments.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., the company’s technology enables breakthroughs in products, performance, selection and value. Zounds uses internally developed research and 57 exclusive patents. There are over 160 Zounds Hearing stores open across the country.

Zounds Hearing of Greater Cleveland is the exclusive seller of Zounds Hearing technology in the Cleveland area.

Zounds stores are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday in Brooklyn and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Mayfield Heights. Zounds offers free hearing tests, mobile services and consultations as well as fittings for hearing aids by an audiologist.

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Zounds Hearing of Greater Cleveland can also be found online on Facebook and LinkedIn. For more information or to schedule a free hearing test, call 216-377-5520 or visit www.ZoundsCleveland.com.

Zounds Hearing helps the world hear better: It’s Your Business

updated September 19, 2014

Name of Business: Zounds Hearing of Greater Cleveland
Address: 1396 SOM Center Rd., Mayfield Hts., 44124
Phone: 216-377-3250
Web address: www.hearingpluscleveland.com
Owners: Glenn Harbold, Managing Partner
Type of business: Hearing Aids & Testing
Number of employees: 5
Years in business: 1

Tell us what your business does: Zounds Hearing helps the world hear better. We are a unique hearing company that offers the world top end hearing aids and products and excellent client service at an affordable price.

Zounds was founded by engineer and entrepreneur Sam Thomasson, who was motivated to create the best hearing aids at the lowest cost in order to help his hearing-impaired daughter.

Where did you get the idea for your business? I had the opportunity to meet and spend a day with Zounds Hearing Founder Sam Thomasson in July 2013. He impressed me as a man who had first been motivated to build a better product for a loved one, and now is motivated to drive down the price of high-end performing hearing aids and make them affordable for everyone. I decided right there that I needed to bring the Zounds products to the Cleveland area.

What makes your business unique? First and foremost, my employees are motivated every day by helping our clients hear better. We treat each client with respect at every step in the process.

Next, we strive to provide an overall client experience that is engaging, unique, and life-changing. We want our clients to not only become clients for life, but also to become ambassadors for better hearing.

Last but certainly not least, we provide better prices without sacrificing product performance or service.

How do you see current economic conditions affecting your business? Many people that would benefit from hearing aids cannot afford them, even at our prices. This is not a brand new phenomenon in our industry, but it is disappointing that the giant multi-national manufacturers that dominate the industry have not done more to make hearing aid technology more affordable and accessible.

What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome thus far? Since we are new to the area, our biggest challenge is spreading the word that Zounds is different and that people with hearing loss could really save thousands of dollars without having to sacrifice quality or service.

What are your plans for near-future growth (hiring, building expansion, etc.)? We have 2 stores open right now (Brooklyn/Parma and Mayfield Heights), with 4 more planned. Eventually my plan is to employ 18 professionals to run the business and take care of our clients.

Zounds Hearing Celebrates Grand Opening in Mayfield Heights with Visit from Mayor Anthony DiCicco

Zounds Hearing Celebrates Grand Opening in Mayfield Heights with Visit from Mayor Anthony DiCicco.

PRLog – Jun. 9, 2014 – CLEVELAND — Cleveland, OH – Zounds Hearing, the fastest growing hearing aid company in America, celebrated the grand opening of its second Cleveland store with over 50 visitors, including Mayor Anythony DiCicco. Mayor DiCicco stated it was great to see new businesses that could serve the residents in the city with important services.

The grand opening included tours of the store, food and coffee from neighbor Scrambler Marie’s restaurant, give-aways, and coupons that could be applied to future purchases.

Zounds Hearing in Mayfield Heights is located at 1396 SOM Center Road in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. The store is open for business Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm, or by special appointment by calling (216) 377-3250.

About Zounds Hearing

Zounds founder, Sam Thomasson, an electrical engineer based in Mesa, Arizona, began to develop the Zounds power hearing aid to help his daughter, Kate who at age 2, lost most of her hearing because of a sudden high fever. At age 16, Kate received the first prototype of the Zounds power hearing aid and her life was changed forever. For the first time, she could truly hear the sound of music. Thomasson founded Zounds Hearing in 2005 and holds 57 patents for the technologies he developed to resolve his daughter’s hearing aid issues. Zounds Hearing designs, manufactures and retails affordable, high-performance hearing aids that address mild-to-profound hearing loss. Over the next two years, Zounds Hearing store owner and Shaker Heights entrepreneur, Glenn Harbold plans to open four additional Zounds Hearing retail stores throughout the Greater Cleveland area.

Glenn Harbold

Hearing Aid Company to Celebrate Opening of Its Brooklyn Store

Zounds Hearing opens the first of its six Cleveland area hearing aid stores on February 10; Grand Opening on February 11.

Zounds Hearing will open its first Greater Cleveland area hearing aid store on February 10, 2014 at Ridge Park Square, 4760 Ridge Road, Brooklyn, Ohio. The store’s Grand Opening celebration will be held the next day on Tuesday, February 11, which will include food, giveaways, a two-week long raffle to win a free pair of hearing aids and other prizes. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will launch the celebration at 9:30 a.m. on February 11 with the Brooklyn Mayor Richard H. Balbier alongside store owner, Cleveland area resident, Glenn Harbold.

One of the fastest growing hearing aid companies in the U.S., Zounds Hearing designs, manufactures and retails affordable, high-performance hearing aids that address mild-to-profound hearing loss. Over the next two years, Harbold plans to open six Zounds Hearing aid stores throughout the Greater Cleveland area.

Sam Thomasson, an electrical engineer based in Mesa, Arizona, founded Zounds Hearing in 2005, after developing affordable technologies for his hearing-impaired daughter that solved many of her hearing aid issues. Franchise store owner, Harbold, who is an engineer by training, was impressed with Thomasson’s commitment to his daughter and other hearing loss clients. “I’m inspired by Sam’s passion to bring affordable, quality hearing to more people by bringing down the price of these top technologies,” he said. Zounds hearing aids – soon to be available via hearing stores in Ohio – are priced between $1,500-3,500 per pair, which is about half the price of other premium brands.

The hearing aid industry reports that about 26 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 have high frequency hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises at work or in leisure activities. And those with a mild hearing loss are twice as likely to develop dementia, a risk that increases with the severity of the hearing loss.

Sound quality matters a lot to Bob Brown, age 81, from Bethlehem, PA. But convenience and price were the deciding factors in his Zounds hearing aids purchase last May. “I can adjust the sound quality with my own remote control,” said Bob, “And the batteries are rechargeable! I love the way my remote keeps company with my hearing aids in the charger at night.”

Located in shopping plazas with easy access for seniors, the Zounds Hearing stores will offer appointments, Monday-Thursday, 10:00 a.m. –6:00 p.m., and Friday, 9:00a.m. –5:00 p.m., with other appointments by request.

“We strive for a comfortable and reliable fitting experience,” says Harbold. “A licensed hearing specialist, who is overseen by a licensed Doctor of Audiology, performs the free hearing test and custom-fitting for the client, so that the client can walk out of the store with improved hearing in about two hours.”

Zounds Hearing has helped thousands of people with hearing loss continue to live life to the fullest, using the industry’s best prices, proprietary technology and excellent client service. For more information, visit http://www.hearingpluscleveland.com or call 216-377-5520 to schedule a free hearing aid test in Cleveland.

Entrepreneur to Bring High Quality Hearing Aids to Larger Audience

In college, Glenn Harbold followed family tradition and pursued a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering. While he was interested in the manufacturing process, Harbold quickly realized that he possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to be a part of bringing new products to market.

That curiosity and spirit led Harbold to buy into Zounds Hearing as a franchisee. He is opening his first of six stores in the area on February 10th, in Brooklyn.

“My career has been a bit of a winding road, but I’m really into entrepreneurship,” Harbold says. After a stint in engineering, Harbold went on to earn an MBA and moved to Cleveland to work with two local technology startups. “I enjoyed getting up every day knowing that the future was in the hands of a small group of people.”

Then last year, Harbold began looking for companies to acquire. He met Sam Thomasson, a fellow engineer and founder of Zounds Hearing. “Sam is an electrical engineer and I loved his passion,” says Harbold. “We really hit it off.”

Harbold was so impressed with the quality and affordability of Zounds hearing aids that he decided to buy into the company. “The price and quality of the technology are really special,” he says. “We’re going to make it a lot easier for some people who couldn’t previously afford high quality hearing aids.”

After the Brooklyn store, Harbold plans to open five more stores in the area. He will employ two people at the Brooklyn store, including an audiologist and a client care specialist. Long-term, he predicts he will employ 12 to 15 people in the six stores.

Source: Glenn Harbold
Writer: Karin Connelly