Hearing Loops

Hearing loops (also sometimes called “induction loops”) are an assistive listening technology and are the gold standard for helping people hear better in difficult listening environments.

How Hearing Loops Work with Hearing Aids

When a hearing loop is installed, hearing aids with a telecoil (t-coil) can connect wirelessly to an amplified sound signal, such as a person using a microphone, a television, or a music system. This enables the hearing aids to shut out other distracting noises in the room and amplify only the sounds you want to focus on.

Installing a Hearing Loop

Hearing loops can be installed just about anywhere people with hearing loss need help: homes, churches, concert halls, auditoriums, assisted living centers, information booths, and many more.

In most cases, hearing loop installation is straightforward, affordable, and does not require a messy or long construction project. At Hearing Plus, we work with experts to make sure the loop installation meets the needs of both the constituents and the facility managers.

We also offer products that you can install at home so you’re connected and able to enjoy your hearing loop in minutes. Using the t-coil setting in your hearing aids, you can connect wirelessly in your home to hear the television, stereo, or your loved ones like they were meant to be heard.

Where Can Hearing Loops Help?

The acoustics of many rooms make for a challenging listening environment – echoes, reverberation, and background noise are common. Hearing loops are the perfect solution, especially when there is a distance between the sound source and the person. A loop offers a universal connection to any hearing aid with a telecoil, regardless of the brand of hearing aids. A hearing loop shuts out the distractions so that users can hear the sounds they want directly through their hearing aids.

Loop Demonstration

We are proud to have one of the Northeast Ohio’s only hearing loop enabled offices. We can demonstrate how the loop works at our offices in Brooklyn and in Mayfield Heights. Call Us to make an appointment to see how this amazing technology can help you hear better.

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