Premium Hearing Aid – Pure Nx

Pure Nx by Signia is the most respected and versatile hearing aid on the market since its nationwide launch in 2017.


  • Own Voice Processing (OVP) virtually eliminates issues related to hearing your own voice too loud with hearing aids
  • Speech Focus finds and follows speech in noise, allowing you to follow the conversation in the most challenging environments
  • Available as Li-ion rechargeable or disposable batteries
  • Wireless and Bluetooth streaming and remote control from your Apple or Android smart phone
  • 48, 32, or 16 adjustable channel control to suit your unique hearing loss
  • TwinPhone – Effortlessly hear and understand your phone calls in both ears
  • EchoShield  – Reduces reverberation so that sounds and speech are clear and crisp again. Hear the speaker again in challenging environments such as churches, community rooms, and concert halls.