Hearing Aid Capabilities

What Will Hearing Aids Do? What Won’t They Do?

How do hearing aids help me hear better?

At the most basic level, a hearing aid will amplify certain sound frequencies so that you can hear them better. As digital hearing aid technology has advanced, hearing devices are now equipped with the ability to suppress or cancel sounds determined to be distracting noise. This means hearing aids can help you hear better by amplifying important sounds–like speech–while tuning out unnecessary ones, like loud noises at a party or even strong winds when you’re outside.

Are there types of hearing loss that hearing aids can’t fix?

Hearing aids are highly effective in assisting individuals with a variety of hearing loss. However, hearing aids can be limited in their effectiveness if individuals display certain signs of extreme hearing loss. Individuals with single-side deafness, or non-functioning hearing in one ear, for example, may not benefit from the amplification provided by a hearing aid in that ear. However, individuals may elect to use a hearing aid in a deaf ear so that they might sense the vibrations that accompany actual hearing.

Will hearing aids permanently cure my hearing loss?

The most common type of hearing loss–sensorineural–is not medically reversible, but may be easily treated with precisely fitted hearing aids that have been customized to the hearer’s needs as determined by a comprehensive hearing examination. Individuals with a conductive, or mixed conductive and sensorineural, hearing loss also achieve excellent results with hearing aids.

Can I get a set of hearing aids from a friend or family member re-fitted for my needs?

It is possible to have a used pair of hearing aids refitted to match your unique hearing needs. However, each case of hearing loss is like a fingerprint, which means you will often hear best when a solution is designed specifically for you based on your unique hearing profile. A Hearing Specialist with Hearing Plus can help you understand your full range of options when choosing your path to better hearing.

Will hearing aids from Hearing Plus connect with my phone or television?

Yes! All of the major brands in our line-up have models that are Bluetooth compatible to link with your phone to take calls, watch television, and stream music from your smart phone. You’re also able to link up to various streaming devices to receive audio from your television. Additionally, most of the hearing aids have compatible smart phone apps that enable you to discreetly make volume and program adjustments with your phone.