Hearing Exam Process

What Is a Hearing Exam from Hearing Plus?

What happens during a hearing examination?

During your hearing exam, our licensed Audiologist or Hearing Specialist conduct a full audiometric examination to determine your hearing sensitivity levels. For example, you may be exposed to a series of tones played at different frequencies to determine the range of sounds that are most difficult for you to hear.

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Are hearing loss exams from Hearing Plus different from visiting my regular physician?

At Hearing Plus, the Audiologist or Hearing Specialist conducting your hearing exam is highly educated and qualified so that the results can help you choose the most appropriate solution to address your unique hearing challenges. Most general practitioners or family physicians do not conduct full audiometric examinations.

The state of Ohio requires licensing for all professionals who dispense hearing aids. You are not required to get a prescription or prior authorization from a physician.

How can I prepare for my hearing loss examination?

You are not required to do anything in advance of your hearing examination. We’ll take care of all the work. During the hearing exam, our Audiologist or Hearing Specialist will conduct a familiar voice test, so we recommend bringing along someone you’re comfortable speaking with during your examination.

How will a hearing loss examination help me make a decision on purchasing a hearing aid?

The hearing exam will allow our Audiologist to determine the degree and specificity of your hearing loss. Once the test is complete, our Audiologist or Hearing Specialist will be able to make a recommendation on the solution that is uniquely suited to address your specific hearing loss. Hearing exams with Hearing Plus are comprehensive and free, so there’s no risk for you or your loved ones.

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