Life With Hearing Aids

What is Life Like With Hearing Aids?

What can I expect to feel like after beginning to use my new hearing aids?

One of the biggest changes you will experience with new hearing aids is hearing and processing sounds you may not have heard in several years, depending on how long you waited to get hearing aids. New hearing aid customers sometimes report the first week with their new hearing aids is the most difficult. However, once you have adjusted to hearing clearly again, you will begin to adapt to your new hearing environment.

Does Hearing Plus offer support for new hearing aid users who need help adjusting to life with hearing aids?

At Hearing Plus, we are committed to ensuring you’re able to hear as clearly and comfortably as possible. We work with each of our clients to make sure you’re happy with the comfort and program settings of your digital hearing aids. If you experience difficulties with your hearing aids, our Client Care Manager can most often assist you in troubleshooting the issue over the phone. However, we will typically schedule follow-up visits for you in each of the first two weeks after getting your hearing aids. Additional appointments will be scheduled every three months thereafter. Finally, there is no charge for these follow-up appointments, and you can reach us by email and phone during standard business hours.

How will my hearing aids perform outside, in the rain, or while being active?

Each of the digital hearing aids sold by Hearing Plus include noise reduction technology specifically engineered to suppress or cancel distracting or overly loud noises. Hearing aids are designed to perform in normal outdoor conditions. Most have an IP rating of at least 67, meaning they are highly resistant to dust and moisture. However, take care when in overly wet environments and do not wear hearing aids while swimming, showering, or bathing.