Entrepreneur to Bring High Quality Hearing Aids to Larger Audience

In college, Glenn Harbold followed family tradition and pursued a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering. While he was interested in the manufacturing process, Harbold quickly realized that he possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to be a part of bringing new products to market.

That curiosity and spirit led Harbold to buy into Zounds Hearing as a franchisee. He is opening his first of six stores in the area on February 10th, in Brooklyn.

“My career has been a bit of a winding road, but I’m really into entrepreneurship,” Harbold says. After a stint in engineering, Harbold went on to earn an MBA and moved to Cleveland to work with two local technology startups. “I enjoyed getting up every day knowing that the future was in the hands of a small group of people.”

Then last year, Harbold began looking for companies to acquire. He met Sam Thomasson, a fellow engineer and founder of Zounds Hearing. “Sam is an electrical engineer and I loved his passion,” says Harbold. “We really hit it off.”

Harbold was so impressed with the quality and affordability of Zounds hearing aids that he decided to buy into the company. “The price and quality of the technology are really special,” he says. “We’re going to make it a lot easier for some people who couldn’t previously afford high quality hearing aids.”

After the Brooklyn store, Harbold plans to open five more stores in the area. He will employ two people at the Brooklyn store, including an audiologist and a client care specialist. Long-term, he predicts he will employ 12 to 15 people in the six stores.

Source: Glenn Harbold
Writer: Karin Connelly