Hearing Aids Benefit from Anthem and Humana Now Administered by Nations Hearing

Hearing is not a luxury, it’s our most important tool for communication. Insurers have at last realized that hearing aids help fend off other, more serious health-related issues. Not being able to hear your spouse, children, or even a pet, can lead to withdrawal from social and family functions. Longer-term, diminished hearing has been shown to speed up cognitive decline and feelings of paranoia. Amplification with hearing aids is our best tool to stay connected to loved ones and the world.

Patients have been pleasantly surprised to learn that their Medicare supplemental insurance covers all or most of the cost of getting new hearing aids. Better yet, you aren’t confined to a single hearing aid manufacturer on their plan.

An insurance benefit of $3,000 goes a long way toward getting the right pair of hearing aids.

How does it work? Depending on your plan and carrier, you may access to as much as $3,000 toward a pair of hearing aids. Most of the patients we see have the full benefit, while the others receive slightly less or special, reduced pricing. Call EJ at 216-377-5520 with your insurance information, she’ll gladly find out for you.
Happy couple with hearing aids

The next step is to schedule a complete hearing evaluation at one of our five convenient locations in northeast Ohio. We will determine your hearing loss, if any, and share with you the many options available from top manufacturers such as Phonak, Signia, and ReSoundincluding rechargeable hearing aids! After your appointment, the hearing aids typically arrive within two to three weeks.

Other benefits, depending on your plan, may include a three-year supply of batteries, 60-day trial, 100% money back guarantee, covered visits, three-year manufacturer warranty, and loss & damage insurance!