Zounds Hearing Celebrates One-Year of Lower Prices for Cleveland

This week, Zounds Hearing of Greater Cleveland celebrates its one year anniversary of launching its first store in Cleveland.

Zounds Hearing opened one year ago at 4760 Ridge Road at Ridge Park Square shopping plaza in Brooklyn.

Glenn Harbold, Managing Partner for Zounds Hearing of Greater Cleveland, calculates that in the first year alone, Cleveland-area residents have been able to save over $300,000 in high-performance hearing aids by buying from Zounds.

“We survey our competitors to compare pricing of our products to other top-of-the-line hearing aids and it is surprising how expensive hearing aids can be from retailers, audiologists and from Ear Nose and Throat doctors affiliated with the large hospitals. It’s common for us to find a pair of hearing aids being quoted at $7,000 or more,” Harbold said. “The hearing aid industry has struggled for too long to offer affordable hearing assistive devices to the public, which is frustrating because over 30 million Americans who could really benefit from them go without hearing aids.

He added, “There are six, very large multi-national companies (that) have historically dominated the hearing aid industry, and they also own or control most of the distribution and retail locations for hearing aids. All but one of these ‘big six’ are headquartered in Europe.”

Harbold said the hearing industry has failed to innovate and bring down costs, but is starting to change now that companies like Zounds can manufacture and sell their own proprietary products at prices that are thousands of dollars less than the big six manufacturers.

“This opens up the world of better hearing to a much larger group of people,” he said.

Harbold launched a second Zounds store at 1396 SOM Center Road, Mayfield Heights, in April 2014 and is planning to expand by opening at least four additional locations over the next two years.

Zounds designs, manufactures and retails high-performance hearing aids for use with mild, moderate, severe and profound hearing impairments.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., the company’s technology enables breakthroughs in products, performance, selection and value. Zounds uses internally developed research and 57 exclusive patents. There are over 160 Zounds Hearing stores open across the country.

Zounds Hearing of Greater Cleveland is the exclusive seller of Zounds Hearing technology in the Cleveland area.

Zounds stores are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday in Brooklyn and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Mayfield Heights. Zounds offers free hearing tests, mobile services and consultations as well as fittings for hearing aids by an audiologist.

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Zounds Hearing of Greater Cleveland can also be found online on Facebook and LinkedIn. For more information or to schedule a free hearing test, call 216-377-5520 or visit www.ZoundsCleveland.com.