Zounds Hearing helps the world hear better: It’s Your Business

updated September 19, 2014

Name of Business: Zounds Hearing of Greater Cleveland
Address: 1396 SOM Center Rd., Mayfield Hts., 44124
Phone: 216-377-3250
Web address: www.hearingpluscleveland.com
Owners: Glenn Harbold, Managing Partner
Type of business: Hearing Aids & Testing
Number of employees: 5
Years in business: 1

Tell us what your business does: Zounds Hearing helps the world hear better. We are a unique hearing company that offers the world top end hearing aids and products and excellent client service at an affordable price.

Zounds was founded by engineer and entrepreneur Sam Thomasson, who was motivated to create the best hearing aids at the lowest cost in order to help his hearing-impaired daughter.

Where did you get the idea for your business? I had the opportunity to meet and spend a day with Zounds Hearing Founder Sam Thomasson in July 2013. He impressed me as a man who had first been motivated to build a better product for a loved one, and now is motivated to drive down the price of high-end performing hearing aids and make them affordable for everyone. I decided right there that I needed to bring the Zounds products to the Cleveland area.

What makes your business unique? First and foremost, my employees are motivated every day by helping our clients hear better. We treat each client with respect at every step in the process.

Next, we strive to provide an overall client experience that is engaging, unique, and life-changing. We want our clients to not only become clients for life, but also to become ambassadors for better hearing.

Last but certainly not least, we provide better prices without sacrificing product performance or service.

How do you see current economic conditions affecting your business? Many people that would benefit from hearing aids cannot afford them, even at our prices. This is not a brand new phenomenon in our industry, but it is disappointing that the giant multi-national manufacturers that dominate the industry have not done more to make hearing aid technology more affordable and accessible.

What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome thus far? Since we are new to the area, our biggest challenge is spreading the word that Zounds is different and that people with hearing loss could really save thousands of dollars without having to sacrifice quality or service.

What are your plans for near-future growth (hiring, building expansion, etc.)? We have 2 stores open right now (Brooklyn/Parma and Mayfield Heights), with 4 more planned. Eventually my plan is to employ 18 professionals to run the business and take care of our clients.